Tokyo portrait photography: a day in the studio with Nikki

Last week I spent some hours shooting various portrait styles in the studio with a new friend, singer and dancer Nikki. This post contains nudity. 

By the way, if you’re into having your portrait shot by me, visit the contact page and drop me a line. Thanks.

I bumped into Nikki on Instagram and instantly knew she was someone I wanted to shoot with. She has a unique look and is an all-round creative person: ex-dancer, currently a singer. I feel close, spiritually, to people like Nikki. I always feel the need to create something, be it photos or a piece of electronic music or a video. It’s an itch that I can never completely scratch. But, collaborating with talented, gifted people is one way of giving that itch a good scratch.

An ‘in between moment’ I shot of Nikki in the studio last week, as she was taking a break.

Our day in the studio was total experimentation. We tried a bunch of things. Some worked, some didn’t work so well. It was our first shoot. You’re feeling your way through on those occasions.

This is the first of a few posts about our shoot last week. These are just the shots I edited first. There are lots more good ones to share with you when I get around to editing them.

All the lighting setups were pretty simple. I like simple. Jeez, I am simple. 🙂

Usually one softbox and a blocking panel/flag. On the coloured gel shots, I used two boxes. Both flagged.

The two shots of Nikki in her black dress were done pretty much like this….with one softbox, flagged to a narrow strip and angled not to get so much spill onto the background.

All of these were shot with my Hasselblad H4D-40 and 80mm lens. Black and white conversions were done using the Topaz plugin and a custom ‘platinum print’ preset I’ve made.

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