Fashion photography in Dubai by Tokyo based photographer

Fashion photography in Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia & Malaysia

Back in 2013, I spent almost two months on the road shooting a commissioned job for Haneda Airport. It took me to eight countries, three continents and around the world one and half times.

Fashion, landscapes and some gigantic panoramas

The main purpose of the commission was to shoot content for a 16 x 2 metre video wall in the new international terminal at Haneda Airport. The first leg of the trip – shooting only panoramas and landscape content – took myself and the art director to Germany, France, the UK and USA.

A week after returning from that trip, I joined a 12-person crew to journey to Thailand, Indonesia, Dubai and Malaysia. They’d be filming video content for the video wall. I was shooting more panoramas and fashion shots of the model/actress who accompanied us.

More shots to follow soon, including some of the large panoramas

These are just a few shots from the trip. I’m in the process of going back over all the material I shot, re-editing it using Exposure Software’s X6 plugins. The stuff I post next will be a mixture of travel shots, panoramas and fashion.

It’s been a lot of fun revisiting these shots. One great thing about the Covid-19 situation is that I’ve had a lot more time to sit at home and edit.

Exposure X6 plugins: a great addition to my workflow

Over the last few months, I’ve started using Exposure’s software again. I started out with AlienSkin plugins around 15 years ago. AlienSkin forms the heart and foundation of what is now Exposure. The company always made the best film emulation plugins. They still do. For me, coming from a film background but no longer wishing to shoot film, I wanted something that could offer me – in Photoshop – a similar palette of aesthetics as the darkroom. Alien Skin did that and Exposure does it better. The product has really grown up over the last decade. I’m having a lot of fun using it.

All the shots in this gallery have been edited in Photoshop using Exposure X5 and their new X6 update.

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