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Professional photography advice from an expert

Getting feedback and finding quality, informed creative input for your photography can be tough. Photographer and film-maker, Miguel Concepcion, tells us about his recent session with Alfie.

“Ever since I noticed Alfie Goodrich’s photography, I’ve wanted to see how his creative mind and eye worked. When I finally reached out to him, it was as an informal consultation on an upcoming photo shoot.

“What I thought would be a straightforward feedback-focused 15-minute web conference chat became a free-flowing hour-long lesson full of insight and actionable advice.

Live edits to your photos

“Not only did he provide a friendly environment to provide constructive feedback on my photos, he visualized that feedback in a real time Photoshop edit.

“Thanks to screen sharing, these experiential lessons were easier to absorb than any pre-recorded YouTube video.

A ‘before & after of the first image Miguel sent…
Miguel’s second image, which Alfie edited live for him…

Tap into years of experience

“While he easily answered all my questions related to photography fundamentals, Alfie was also very receptive to my thoughts on the emotional aspects of photography by sharing personal experiences and colorfully descriptive anecdotes.

“By the end I was left inspired and motivated, which makes Alfie Goodrich an ideal teacher in the field of photography.”

Book a session for yourself

Sessions can cover a wide range of topics as Alfie has been shooting professionally for almost 30years and has wide-ranging experience.

Sessions for clients so far have covered….

  • How to tackle an upcoming shoot: ideas for poses, cropping, whether to shoot colour or monochrome, how to get the best from a location.
  • Editing advice for a series of photos supplied at the start of the meeting (5-10 photos can be covered in the 1hr session)
  • Advice on legal and copyright issues.
  • Advice on invoicing, charging for services.
  • Advice on setting up a website and how to get the best from social networking sites.
  • Location scouting for model & portrait shoots, and what clothes might suit each location.

…and many more topics.

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Sessions are 5000¥ / 90mins

This is a special offer available until October 1st, 2021.

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