Hasselblad Ambassador, 2015

It was a great honour in 2015 to be appointed to the Ambassador Programme for Hasselblad. The name of Hasselblad is synonymous with quality and has a unique place in the history of photography. To be associated with and working on behalf of a brand as prestigious as Hasselblad is, to be honest, a dream come true.

You can read Hasselblad’s official announcement in Japanese, here and see a photo I took recently of one of my fellow Ambassadors, Derek Makishima.

Over the course of the year, myself, Derek and the other Hasselblad Ambassadors worked to inspire others to do more with their photography, to try something new, to push the boundaries. For us it was a unique opportunity to try, experiment and play with the cameras.

During the year I had the chance to shoot with the Hasselblad H5D-50C, the CFV-50C and I had a Hasselblad H4D-40 of my own to use, which I now permanently own.

On the 12th February, I had the honour of presenting a seminar on ‘Japanese Beauty’ at the Yokohama CP+ 2015 Photo Expo. My model was Kotomi Kai, whose work you can also see in the magazine shown below. More pictures fro the CP Pus 2015 event are here, on Hasselblad Japan’s Facebook page.

The Hasselblad experience has always been one of quality. Nothing has changed from the days I first tried a film Hassie, back in the late 1980s: quality, performance, exacting standards, ease-of-use, unswerving attention to detail… these are still cornerstones of the Hasselblad experience.

Part of my role as Ambassador was to educate and nurture. With that in mind myself and Hasselblad Japan started a series of workshops called Hasselblad Discovery You can see an online magazine from our first event in Hyuga, Kyushu, Japan here below.

A second magazine is here, from the Hassellblad Discovery workshop we did at Meiji-mura architectural heritage park near Nagoya.

I would like to thank President of Hasselblad Japan, William Penrice, for his support and constant encouragement. To the rest of the team at Hasselblad Japan, I extend my greatest thanks for your ongoing help and for the collaboration we are enjoying.

Here is a gallery of some of the shots I during my time as Ambassador. The journey for me continues, on a daily basis with my use of the H4D-40 and other Hassellbad cameras.


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