Location and studio fashion photography in Tokyo and across Japan: typically I work on location, doing shoots in Tokyo and other Japanese cities and rural areas. I do work in the studio but honestly prefer working outdoors, using the city, countryside and coastline as my studio.

This gallery is a bit of a carry-over from the older design of my site, containing a huge range of portraits I’ve shot over the past few years. By browsing the ‘Fashion’ category, you’ll find other articles that have a specific focus; either by client or by type of portrait.

Here you’ll find a general cross-section of work I have shot in the past few years, for clients and for models who need new work for their portfolio. I also teach location fashion photography and some of the work here is my shots from sessions organised with students.

The models I work with are both Japanese and other nationalities although living in Japan means I work with a lot of Japanese models.

If you are a fashion brand looking for a shoot to be organised on location in Japan, or a model looking for some great shots for your book… please get in touch using the contact form. Thanks.

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