Shooting in Miyazaki, Kyushu, Japan for The Official Ferrari Magazine

Shooting a Ferrari owner in Miyazaki

I’ve done about five or six shoots for The Official Ferrari Magazine and for this most recent one, I headed down south to meet Ferrari Japan’s best customer.

You’d think nothing could be better than travelling down to sunny Kyushu to shoot a couple of Ferrari. And you’d be right. But it wasn’t exactly sunny the day I travelled down to Miyazaki. In fact, it was typhoon season. And of the two cars I was set to shoot, the owner’s was a Spyder.

Open car, typhoon.. I love a challenge.

Perhaps the best tool in the box, alongside the cameras, is a rain-radar app and my app of choice is MyRadar. Hoovering it’s data mostly from sources that provide aviators with their weather data, MyRadar gives me a decent picture of raincloud location, size and speed. On the day of the shoot, it provided perfect data and we were able to dodge the storms and still get the shoot done.

I haven’t put all the shots here, just the ones that were approved for the article. Although not all of them were used, so seeing them all here is a first.

Great day out, the owner was a lovely guy and the weather really turned out to be perfect, at times providing some wonderfully dramatic skies and seas.

Ferrari Japan provided the 458 Spyder. It’s their press car. The owner’s car was a PortoFino. Both amazing cars but the sound of the PortoFino is really something special.

Most of the shots here were taken with the Hasselblad X1D-50c, and 45 or 90mm lenses. The shot taken from inside the car when driving was with my Nikon, using a 14mm prime.